Thursday, 18 December 2014

Angel doll decoration

This is Angel Anabel , she is doll for decoration.  29 cm (11.4" ) high. Her favorite place is the corner of the bed, where she can look at the sleeping princess. 

Where Angel Anabel doll was today :D 

She hid in the ceiling.

Someone thought that she is a decoration on the Christmas tree.

She loves to read ?!?

Monday, 17 February 2014

Winter scarf bib

From today I will be showing you more picture of my selling staff here. If you not yet my fan on facebook invite you I will try to make picture, as far as possible, were with the models and my product. 
Today I will show you two off my winter scarf-bib. 

Baby house winter scarf bib length 14" (35,5 cm) -£2 + p&p (approx from born till 2 years old)

 Girl flower winter scarf bib length 15 " (38 cm) -£3 + p&p ( approx from 2 years )

Model FABIAN 1,5 years old

Model NICOLE 2 years old